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Your outdoor living areas should be an oasis and an extension of your home. Buddha Builders wants to help you invest in your Zen because by having a custom-built outdoor living space, your home can have more value and use throughout the seasons. We’ll help you bring a little luxury to your home at a price you can afford. Whether you want backyard renovations, decks, driveways, or anything in-between, we’ll be happy to build whatever outdoor space you have in mind.

Outdoor Living Space Design Services

Peace and tranquility aren’t far away. We offer you many options for creating the outdoor living spaces of your dreams. No matter what projects you’re looking for, we can offer you magnificent results and make sure that we match whatever outdoor dreams you have in mind. Love the outdoor parts of your home as much as the indoor ones!

Outdoor Living Design

Our outdoor living design helps you maximize your living space and have a deeper appreciation for your home. This design helps you customize your space to your wants and needs.

Backyard Renovations

Looking for a backyard that makes your home feel like an escape from the stress of your daily life? Well, our backyard renovations can take your backyard from looking sad or run-of-the-mill to looking like it’s the yard of your dreams.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls don’t seem that glamorous, but they can add stability and integrity to your outdoor space, which makes them so useful.

Patios, Decks, and Driveways

Patios, decks, and driveways are common outdoor design elements because they add function and style to any home, and they are great ways to establish outdoor living spaces and make your home feel polished.


Pergolas look beautiful, and they add a lot of functionality to your home, even when the weather isn’t at its best. Pergolas can extend the use of any outdoor space.

How Do You Plan an Outdoor Living Space?

When you are planning your outdoor living space, there are many things that you’ll want to consider before getting into the process. Creating a list of these factors can help you get a better idea of what is most important to you. You can then prioritize your wants and get a more concrete idea of your vision. Think of the following to then determine your outdoor living goals.

  • What is your outdoor living space lacking? Think about where your outdoor living spaces need the most improvement and go from there.
  • How do you see yourself using your space? Imagine yourself outdoors and enjoying your build. What comes to mind, and what elements do you envision?
  • What materials do you prefer? There are many materials that you can use in projects. Consider if you like the look of brick, stone, wood, concrete, or other common materials. Thinking about your color scheme can also help you decide what materials will match. Some material choices can also be functional and reflect how you will use your space.
  • What features are most important and useful for you? Some people are looking to create driveways to direct foot traffic on their properties, while other people want to use their outdoor areas as hangout spaces. You need to determine what functions and features will give you what you need to make use of your space.

When you have considered these factors, you can more confidently begin your outdoor project.


What are Some Design Considerations Related to the Outdoor Living Area

The types of features you choose are not the only consideration you need to prepare for. You also need to think about the design you want for your outdoor living area.

  • Think of your home’s design. You’ll want your outdoor space to reflect the design elements your home already has. Your outdoor spaces won’t feel cohesive or as luxurious if you don’t think about your home’s design.
  • Imagine how you want your outdoor space to flow. Just like you want an indoor space to flow well, you’ll want outdoor areas to reflect your needs. Some people like to have some separation between certain outdoor areas, while others like more open-concept outdoor areas. It all comes down to the function and aesthetic you like.
  • You need to know the scope of your project. Thinking about how many people you’ll want to entertain in an outdoor space can help shift your design. If you need to accommodate more people, you’ll want to assign more space to your design and consider what types of activities you’ll want to do in that space.
  • How much privacy do you want? If you want more privacy, your design will look very different than if privacy isn’t a priority.
  • Think about the weather. You’re going to want to factor in the weather in your design, and we will help you understand what materials will best hold up and what designs will maximize your space in our weather.

When you begin your process, these considerations will transform your ability to make the best decisions for your backyard or other outdoor spaces.

How Much Value Does an Outdoor Living Space Add?

Useable spaces usually add value to a home because they give potential homeowners the opportunity to expand their living space beyond the walls of their homes. Even just having a patio can increase the value of a home by up to 10%, and they commonly have around an 80% ROI, making it a good investment.

For the best investment, you’ll want to leave some yard space for kids or pets and add amenities like outdoor kitchens, decks, or pergolas. Some of these improvements can give you 100 percent or more ROI!

Ultimately, you’ll want to balance what is a good investment and what will give you the most joy when using your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Living in Kirkland, Washington

Outdoor living might be the part of your home improvement that you are missing, but it’s time to make sure that your outdoor living reflects your and your family’s needs and wants. Whatever your vision, our experts with years of experience can help you bring that vision to life.

Buddha Builders are hardworking and efficient in making sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. We are problem-solvers, so if any issues ever come up, we’re quick to come up with optimal solutions. Our creativity and deep knowledge of building combine outdoor dreams with necessary practicalities.

Contact us today to set up a consultation and allow us to create an estimate for your project. You can also ask any questions you may have. We’re happy to help you get the ball rolling.