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There’s nothing like spending a relaxing summer evening outside, but that’s not nearly as much fun when you don’t have a good outdoor living space. Outdoor living spaces are a popular way for people to get more in tune with the outdoors, even when they’re at home. Whether you’re enjoying food fresh from the grill or relaxing around a fire pit, there are so many ways to enjoy your outdoor living space.

The problem is that some Federal Way, WA, homeowners don’t have a comfy outdoor living space. Buddha Builders is here to change that. Whether you want to create a beautiful outdoor area with lots of seating or a haven for your grill and smoker, we can help you design and build the perfect outdoor space for your home.

Outdoor Living Space Design Services

There are so many great ways to transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor living space. We know everybody is different when it comes to spending time outdoors, which is why we can help you design your own outdoor living space and bring it to life. You can find out more about some of the individual services we offer in Federal Way, WA, below.

Outdoor Living Design

Whether you’ve got a clear vision for your outdoor living space, or you need a little help with your design, Buddha Builders can help. We know everyone has a different idea of the best way to spend a warm Washington summer evening, which is why we’re happy to help you figure out the perfect design for your outdoor living space. We can tweak your design to help you make improvements, or we can design your entire outdoor living space from start to finish.

Backyard Renovations

If you’ve got the remnants of an outdoor living space in your backyard, we can help you bring it back to life. Whether you have an old retaining wall or patio you need us to fix up or you want your backyard completely transformed, we can help. Thanks to years of experience and a commitment to serving our customers, the team at Buddha Builders has learned a lot about making backyards beautiful. From fixing up old landscaping to completely redesigning and transforming backyards, we’ve got all your outdoor living space needs covered.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to create visual separation in your yard while preventing erosion and creating clear boundaries. You can use retaining walls for small garden areas, sloped parts of your yard, and more. The folks at Buddha Builders can help you figure out where you might need retaining walls as well as the best material for those retaining walls.

Do you have old retaining walls that are starting to break down or fall? We can help you fix your old retaining walls too. Whether your retaining walls are starting to crumble, or you think you might need a retaining wall, Buddha Builders can help.

Patios, Decks, & Driveways

Patios and decks are both great ways to completely transform your outdoor living space. If you want to create an area where everyone can sit around a fire and congregate, there’s nothing better than a good patio or deck with a fire pit. We can also help you design the perfect grilling spot on your patio, so you can impress your guests with delicious food without worrying about starting a fire.

Need a little extra parking space? Buddha Builders can also help you design and build the perfect driveway for your Federal Way, WA, home. Give us a call today to learn more about the patio, deck, and driveway options we offer in your area.


Pergolas are a great way to provide a little stylish shade in your backyard, and Buddha Builders knows a thing or two about pergolas. Whether you want something simple and small or a spanning pergola that provides shade for several guests, we can help you design and build the best pergola for your yard. We offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to our designs, so we can work with you and make small changes to get everything just right.

How do you plan an outdoor living space?

Planning an outdoor living space starts with figuring out what you want to use that space for. If you love grilling, you need plenty of room to grill and a surface that isn’t a fire hazard. For social gatherings, you want ample lighting and plenty of seating and table space for guests. Buddha Builders can help you plan out every detail of your outdoor living space, so you can get everything you want out of your backyard transformation.

What are some design considerations related to the outdoor living area?

There are lots of little things to think about when you’re designing an outdoor living space. You can start by figuring out how much space you need, but you also need to account for weather protection and shade. Your outdoor living space should also be easy to access, have all the facilities you need, and fit the design aesthetic of your home.

How much value does an outdoor living space add?

Adding an outdoor living space is a great way to increase the value of your home. Remodeling your old outdoor living space is an even smarter option if you want to maximize your ROI. If home value is a concern, upgrading your outdoor living space can be a great investment.

Need an Outdoor Living Space Builder in Federal Way, WA?

Nothing beats grilling on a warm summer day or spending a summer evening around the fire pit. If you want to add another dimension to your home while increasing resale value, an outdoor living space is a good choice. To learn more about designing and building an outdoor living space for your Federal Way, WA, home or get started, contact Buddha Builders today.