When we find ways to contribute to the health of our team and the health of the environment, we research and adapt. Making strides and allowing us to progress in our commitment to health and longevity is IQ Power Tools. Innovators in their field, they have created the world’s first dust free line of power tools. After acquiring, experiencing and working with the saw you see above, we want to highlight why this new tool is beneficial, shedding some light on the necessity of its creation. We could not be happier having this tool in our arsenal and truly believe in its ability. To keep it simple, when cutting concrete pavers with a regular saw, silica dust is released into the air, either finding its way to the ground or into the lungs of workers. It takes time to clean up once cutting is complete, requiring both manpower and chemicals. It unfortunately can potentially cause a lung disease, Silicosis, which over 2 million US workers currently are susceptible to while at work. This new dust control power cutter allows us to cut pavers dry (which increases their overall precision cut) while at the same time drawing the dust into a reservoir inside of the tool. Buddha Builders has taken this innovation to a creative level, recycling the dust collected and dispersing it into future concrete mixtures. Using this tool allows us to work safer and smarter, which is a beautiful thing.