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Exterior lighting elements bring outdoor spaces to life. Additionally, they may be very useful as they are not simply decorative but can be used for security as well. These lighting fixtures can help to highlight a specific area, direct you down a pathway, or simply add atmosphere to your outdoor living space.

Furthermore, good lighting can completely change your idea of an outdoor living area by playing with the light and dark elements. It can help you to create the perfect, relaxing ambiance for your home.

Whatever feel or style you’re going for, Buddha Builders can help you choose the perfect lighting elements to complement your outdoor living space.

Different Types Of Lighting Elements For Outdoor Spaces

The first step is understanding your goal with exterior lighting. Are you hoping to highlight certain areas? Create a dramatic effect or a soft and soothing atmosphere? Here are the main types of outdoor lighting elements to choose from.

outdoor living space lighting elements

Task Lighting

This form of lighting brightens up pathways, entrance points, or even illuminate steps. In short, this lighting performs a task. It is placed aesthetically to help guide you around the outdoor living space.

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting helps to create the desired atmosphere by lighting the overall area of the outdoor living space. It should radiate a comfortable level of brightness. This makes it easy for you to operate within your space but is not too bright to take away from the general atmosphere of the outdoor area.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds to the drama and visual interest of your outdoor living space. It highlights a specific detail or feature within your outdoor area. This could be a tree, an architectural design, or even a doorway.

Outdoor Living Space Lighting Fixtures

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Landscape Lighting

This is a layered lighting method that can enhance your deck area as well as your yard. This is done by placing low voltage lighting between bushes and by specific trees to create an atmosphere throughout your outdoor area.

Moreover, it can be used to accent specific areas within your outdoor area such as trees or flowers. It may even be used to light up a pathway. Landscape lighting may be a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting.

Deck and Step Lights

These lights are installed directly and discreetly into your deck. You can hide them on top of posts on your deck furnishings and on the sides of your step.

Not only do they enhance the atmosphere of the deck area, but they add to the safety of the area. These lights highlight the steps and general deck area at night time to ensure no one misses a step and gets hurt.

Wall Lights

Wall lights add a stylish and sophisticated air to your outdoor living space. These lights can be placed on almost any vertical surface. In addition to this, you can use them for ambient or accent lighting, rather than to perform a specific task.

They are ideal for patios or porches to simply enhance and brighten up the area.

String Lights

This is the most budget-friendly and easiest form of lighting you can use in your outdoor living space.

The soft glow of string lights can bring an almost magical atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Additionally, you can add them and remove them for special occasions.

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