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Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming the hottest addition to a home. Whether modest or elaborate, an outdoor kitchen can transform any outdoor living space into the perfect place to entertain.

Not only do outdoor kitchens make entertaining a dream (especially if you’re an avid cook), they add value to your property, you’re winning all around.

Outdoor cooking goes beyond just the barbecue, it’s an entire kitchen! At Buddha Builders, we specialize in creating luxury outdoor living spaces – and what’s better than incorporating an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain your friends and family?

About Outdoor Kitchens

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen - Buddha Builders

An outdoor kitchen is an area incorporated onto your patio or deck where you can prepare and cook food.  This includes a prep area, storage space, perhaps a fridge, a sink and cleaning area, and, of course, the cooking appliances and grill.

Perhaps you even want to add in a pizza oven? At Buddha Builders, we can help you to build a custom outdoor kitchen to suit all your needs.

Think about those beautiful summer evenings. An outdoor kitchen would be the perfect thing to turn your outdoor living space into a hub for gatherings and relaxed nights with your favorite people. It creates a functional space that you can take advantage of all year round – especially if it’s a covered area!

Elements Of Outdoor Kitchens

Somewhere To Cook

The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen. You could buy a kitchen that’s already been designed, or, if you have the budget and time, you could have a custom kitchen built completely to suit your needs.

For instance, if you have a particular grill that’s quite a feature and you’d like to showcase it as part of your kitchen, you can have the kitchen built around it.

The Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island - Buddha Builders

What’s an outdoor cooking/dining area without an island? You’ll need somewhere to store all your cooking utensils and dinnerware, as well as something to actually build the appliances into. The island is something you can really get creative with and customize to suit your needs.

A great idea is to use interlocking pavers to build your island, something that Buddha Builders specializes in. Interlocking pavers are a sturdy, weather-proof building material that is functional, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing – especially if you’re going for a natural look for your outdoor living area.


Covered Outdoor Kitchens - Buddha Builders

The one thing to consider when building an outdoor kitchen is the elements. Nobody likes barbecuing in the rain or in the blazing sun for that matter. So, consider having a permanent overhead structure built as a cover for your outdoor kitchen.

Depending on how and where you’re adding your outdoor cooking area, it could be an extension on your house, like a covered patio. Or, you could have a semi-enclosed structure built, similar to a gazebo.


Your outdoor kitchen should be an extension of your home. It needs to match the style of your house and outdoor living space. This is why it’s important to consult professional builders about finishes and customizations that will make your outdoor kitchen complement your home.

Whether you want something sleek and structured or more natural-looking, Buddha Builders can create an outdoor kitchen that you love.

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Once you’ve given the idea of an outdoor kitchen some thought and you have some ideas, we’re ready to help make it all possible.

Buddha Builders promises its clients custom luxury outdoor kitchens that will enhance your home and add value to your property. Get in touch with Buddha Builders now for a free consultation to discuss your outdoor kitchen project.