interlocking pavers

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding whether to do interlocking paving stones for your patio or outdoor living area as opposed to doing a concrete pour of any kind including stamped concrete.  In this article we will break down some of the amazing benefits from choosing interlocking pavers as opposed to any other outdoor surface!

1.  Durability

One of the biggest, if not the very biggest benefit of interlocking paving stones is the durability of the material.  Because of the fact that we are talking about a system that is comprised of individual blocks, that alone will bring many benefits to the table.

First of all, you are eliminating the factor of cracking right out of the gate. As opposed to a concrete pour, where you are literally pouring a wet surface that is going to dry and solidify completely. Therefore, having zero give and take to it. With an interlocking paver system, we are building up a foundation that is made of crushed rock and sand, with the pavers set on top of the system individually. 

Now what you have is an entire system that will have some give to it!  Now apply that to the geography that we experience out here in Seattle/Western Washington, or really the entire Pacific Northwest for that matter!  With all of the geographical issues we have out here such as hills, mountains, extreme grades and slopes, huge trees which bring huge tree roots into play; as well as extreme elements such as heavy constant rain for a good portion of the year. Bottom line, no matter where you are, you can’t stop the earth from shifting and that’s a fact, that is just plain science.  But it’s even more exaggerated here in Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest because of the reasons just stated. 

So what does that mean in reference to a solid concrete pour with literally zero give to it?  Well what it means is that when you get that inevitable sink or shift, that concrete is going to crack, it really has no other choice.  It will crack, it will essentially cave in and what you are left with is a disaster that is just going to need to be replaced again and again and again.  Bottom line, concrete will crack!  And again, really based on the facts, based on common sense, and just plain science, there is really no way around that. Now, let’s apply these same circumstances and issues to an interlocking paving stone system that is built with a crushed rock, non-solid base with individual blocks on top. 

When you get that inevitable shift in the earth, sinking, or maybe even a tree root popping up causing sinkage or unevenness there will be no cracking.  It’s all individual blocks.  It’s not a rock-solid surface.  It has a give and take to it.  The foundation will sink and flow with the earth, and we are talking about a very simple fix.  It’s as simple as pulling up the stones, re flattening the area in question, putting the stones right back again, good to go!  It’s like you were never even there, good as new!  Knowing that ultimately, in most cases these are inevitable issues that sooner or later are going to happen, would you rather have a surface in place that will certainly crack and fall apart and have to be replaced, having to invest more time and money; or would you rather have to make a call, have someone come on out for a quick and easy fix with no seams, not even being able to tell there was ever even a problem when its all said and done, and be on your way?  The answer is obvious.  Pretty common sense really! 

Bottom line, interlocking paving stones are a far superior surface and product! Far more durable, especially for the geographical issues and elements that we deal with in Washington.  Easy, quick maintenance make for a far longer life span that will leave you with a onetime investment in your home that will continue to look beautiful forever!  At Buddha Builders, we offer a 10-year warranty on our installations against sinking or shifting as well as a lifetime warrantee on materials against cracking or breaking so you can rest assured knowing you will be covered and well taken care of if any issues occur.

2.  Permeability

As mentioned above, one of the issues in Washington that come into play are the extreme elements that we face, mainly in the form of long and heavy periods of rain.  This can cause huge problems on properties ranging anywhere from soggy, swampy lawns that you can’t even walk on without literally leaving footprint sized sinkholes in it, causing foundation issues or creating areas of massive, ugly puddling.  Interlocking paving stones have a wide variety of permeable stones and systems that will allow water to run through so you can eliminate this nasty puddling or soggy lawns.  Buddha Builders is very knowledgeable in addressing these issues and can provide you with something as simple as a system with more drainage, as well as the possibility of doing something more extensive to alleviate any issues you may have caused by heavy rain and moisture and make those areas usable once again.

3. Design

So far, we have covered the idea of overall superiority when dealing with interlocking paving stones.  Now let’s talk about the fun part!  Design!  We already know that interlocking pavers are far superior to any concrete pour in all ways, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a far superior surface that is also breathtakingly beautiful at the same time?  Well, just as in every other comparison related to interlocking pavers vs. concrete, the overall look is far superior as well.  

With over 35 different styles of stones of all sizes, shapes, and patterns; as well as over 50 different color combinations, interlocking pavers are a designer’s dream!  When it comes to transforming your patio area there is nothing you can’t do with interlocking permeable pavers!  Walls, driveways, outdoor kitchen areas, firepits, really anything you can think of. With interlocking paving stones you are getting a longer lasting, easy maintenance, far superior surface on all fronts that also is 100% custom and 100% beautiful for you and your family and friends to enjoy and create those long lasting memories for years and years to come!  It’s time to have some fun and let those memories begin!

Why Buddha Builders?

Here at Buddha Builders, we have the expertise and experience to really take your patio and overall outdoor living space to the next level!  With decades of experience in the industry, our designers are top notch and knowledgeable and experts on the practical side as well so not only are you going to get a beautiful new addition to your home that you and your family will enjoy for years to come, but we will also be able to address any practical issues that you may be facing like retaining walls, drainage issues, and things of that nature that could potentially end up causing problems for you in the future if not taken care of. 

We offer a complimentary Design Consultation where we can come out, survey the property and provide you with a 100% custom design as well as bringing out all the available products and materials so we can really dig into the fine details for your project.  Colors, styles, patterns, elements-the options are endless!  Give us a call @ (425) 312-3553 or contact us today to have one of our highly trained professionals come out and let the fun begin!