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Let’s face it – a driveway can be a pretty memorable part of any visit to a friend or relative. Whether it was an extremely steep entrance, or a bumpy, nerve-wracking trawl, this feature is one aspect visitors are not likely to forget so quickly.

At Buddha Builders, we promise our clients beautiful and durable interlocking driveway pavers that you can rely on for many years to come.

About Interlocking Driveway Pavers

Interlocking driveway pavers are generally made from concrete or cement. They are very durable and come in a range of different colors and shades. Interlocking pavers allow you to create different designs and patterns so that you have some creative reign over how you want your driveway to look. This also makes it easy to match it to the style of your home and landscape.

Benefits Of Installing Interlocking Paver Driveway


Concrete pavers are incredibly durable and can withstand more than 4 times the weight of a competing concrete slab. High-density pavers can also hold up well in freezing temperatures as they are more crack resistant. These pavers last for decades so you can rest assured that they are a smart investment.

Less Runoff With Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers require a different method of installation to allow water to filter through into the ground and help reduce surface runoff. These are an eco-friendly interlocking paver option as they also help control stormwater.


In contrast to many of its competing material types such as gravel, asphalt, or concrete slabs, pavers are very easy to maintain. If there is a broken or stained paver, there is a simple solution! By just removing the paver causing concern, you can replace it with a new one instead of redoing your whole driveway.

If you choose to get pavers that are a darker color, you will see less staining and your driveway can look newer for longer. You can also integrate snow-melt systems with interlocking pavers to save you a lot of time and effort during the winter months!

What To Consider With Interlocking Pavers For Driveways

permeable driveway pavers


One thing you may not have taken into consideration is the potential investment value in your driveway decision. The driveway is a part of your property value. As such, the value of your home can go up following your decision to revamp your driveway. A visually appealing driveway can also make a world of difference to how your home looks from the outside.


Buddha Builders specializes in designing and creating beautiful paver driveways with permeable and interlocking driveway pavers – that will aesthetically enhance the appearance of any home or structure. Reach out to us and one of our experienced team members can help you choose the right designs and shapes to complement your home.


Driveways are the first element of a house that one sees upon entering a property, and there are some small tips and tricks to make this memorable. It may be useful to ask Buddha Builders for some advice between choosing a darker versus a lighter shade for your interlocking driveway pavers. Something as simple as this can affect how much tire tracks and other stains show up on it.


Interlocking pavers can be installed by homeowners, but we strongly recommend this be done by an experienced and trained Installer. Our permeable pavers are the highest quality on the market. They are ready for use and we are ready to help you install desired pattern over a sand bed and aggregate base.

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Buddha Builders is ready to meet all your permeable paver driveway needs. If you’re looking for interlocking permeable pavers to make your driveway stand out, we can help!

As an authorized Belgard contractor and specialists in providing interlocking driveway pavers and permeable pavers, Buddha Builders can assure our clients of durable driveway surfaces that will last for many years and exceed all expectations. Call us today @ 425) 312-3553 or request a free consultation about your next project!