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pergolas and patio covers

Your outdoor living space forms an extension of your home, aesthetically and physically. Patio or deck cover options allow you to entertain your guests all year round, despite the weather conditions.

They can provide enjoyment to you, as the homeowner, and give you an extension of your living space where you can entertain, read a book, or do just about anything you want to do.

Furthermore, by adding a pergola or patio cover, you enhance the aesthetic of your house and add value to your home.

The Difference Between A Pergola And Patio Covering

Patio covers provide roofs for your outdoor patio or deck to provide shade and protection from the elements. They can either be attached to the house or garage or be freestanding. Often, they are put in place to create a sense of an extension of the living space.

A patio cover will shelter your outdoor living area from the elements so that you can enjoy your days lounging comfortably on your patio or deck outside in the fresh air.

On the other hand, pergolas can be seen more as an aesthetically enhancing feature. They are large, open structures, with vertical posts supporting cross beams. They can be used to give an earthy and airy feel to your outdoor living space. The purpose of a pergola is to create space and definition.

Installing a pergola or patio cover can increase the value of your home and greatly enhance the your outdoor living space.

Covers For Patios And Decks

patio cover

Whether you have a paved patio or a wooden deck, Buddha Builders can help you to create the perfect cover for it.

Your patio is probably where you have a relaxing outdoor living space complete with outdoor furniture. A covering will help to keep all of this protected and provide shade on hot, sunny days.

Patio and deck coverings provide an endless array of benefits in enhancing your outdoor living area. This defined space can help create an aesthetic appeal to your space.

Solid wood patio and deck covers can help keep the space private and protected from the elements. So if you would like to make an outdoor entertainment area, you will be able to use it all year round thanks to a patio cover!

Benefits Of A Patio Cover

The benefits of a patio cover include:

  • Shade from the sun
  • Protection from the rain
  • Blocks sunlight thus helping to minimize damage to furniture caused by the sun


The purpose of a pergola is more specifically the aesthetic appeal. These structures help to add definition to your outdoor living space, rather than shade. Additionally, they can block off an area that may be dedicated to one specific thing.

You may use it to grow hanging plants or vines or have some comfortable outdoor furniture placed there. It may even simply function as a place to relax on beautiful summer evenings.

Pergolas can be decorated with fairy lights and plants. This helps bring a sense of beauty and freshness to your garden. These structures combine practicality with beauty so as to enhance your home.

A pergola is a great feature to help add a little extra something to your garden and give you a nice spot to relax in. 

Benefits Of Pergolas

The Benefits of Pergolas include:

  • They add definition to your garden
  • They allow for privacy
  • The create more space for plants in your garden

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