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Fall is a gorgeous time of the year. The moody colors, the cool weather. You might be thinking it means it’s time to pack up the patio and head indoors. Well, think again. There are ways to transform and transition your outdoor living space to be enjoyed beyond summer. Here’s how you can prepare your outdoor living space for fall.

Preparing Your Outdoor Living Space For Fall

Turn Up The Heat

You don’t need to move indoors to feel cozy. As long as you have a heating source outside, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors long after summer is gone. For example, adding a gas heater to your outdoor living space can make the area warm enough to use, even when summer ends.

There are various types of outdoor heaters available – gas or electric, either tabletop or stand-alone. The great thing about a standing heater is that it can be moved around to wherever you might be situated. If your outdoor living space is semi-covered, you could even have electric heaters installed on the beams to provide some heat from above.

Gather Around The Fireplace

Luxury patio fireplace

A more permanent heating solution – a fireplace. When one thinks of fall, a roaring fire, a glass of wine and a good book come to mind. Installing an outdoor fireplace is a great way to bring a source of heat to your outdoor living space while creating a relaxing, moody ambiance.

There are also fire pits. These are great for large open spaces that need heating, like a large patio. With chairs arranged around it, a fire pit can create a cozy, sociable setting in your outdoor living space. These also create a beautiful atmosphere, as well as provide heat to the area.

Cover It Up

The weather might be cooler, but it’s still beautiful outside during fall. To continue enjoying your outdoor living space , you might consider adding a pergola or deck cover for your outdoor space. If your patio area is fully open, perhaps an overhead covering is a good idea to keep in the heat from your heater, fire, or fire pit; or keep the area dry on drippy days and nights.

Another tip is to invest in some furniture covers to protect your outdoor furniture against the elements.

Brighten Your Space

Lighting is all about creating ambiance. Summer brings bright light, warmth, and a happy atmosphere with it. Fall, however, brings cooler weather, earlier sunsets, and different coloring.

By adding outdoor lighting in the fall months, the ambiance already created by the changing season is enhanced . Think about adding deck or step lights for better visibility and safety. Accent lights can change the look and feel of an area and make it feel cozy on cooler nights. Adding wall and pathway lights is also a great option.

Spice It Up With A Kitchen

Luxury Outdoor Kichen - Buddha Builders

Why not bring your kitchen outdoors? Grilling isn’t only for summer. You could upgrade your standard grill to an outdoor kitchen. That way, you can continue cooking outdoors well past summer. Change up from the grilled chicken and coleslaw to grilled meats and fall veggies.

Get Comfy With Your Furniture

First things first, when you buy outdoor furniture, try to get all-weather furniture. Getting furniture that can withstand most seasons will provide you with longer-lasting furniture AND you’ll be able to use it in spring, summer, or fall.

That being said, you can change a few things on your outdoor furniture, like pillows, throws, and covers. Think of a complementary color palette for the fall colors. Not necessarily the dark browns and red hues, but perhaps lighter colors, like a neutral palette, even throwing in pops of color like navy blue.

These create a beautiful contrast to the fall colors and can transition your space as the seasons change.

If you love entertaining in summer and you still want to have gatherings at your home, make sure you have guests feeling cozy, warm, and comfortable outdoors. Bringing out some extra throws, even when you have outdoor heating, can help beat the cooler evenings outdoors.


A beautiful way to transition your outdoor living space for fall is quite simple to decorate it in line with the fall palette. It is, after all, the season for Halloween and Thanksgiving, so why not decorate accordingly.

Bring in pumpkins and gourds. If you’re thinking ahead, fake ones are great as decorations, as they won’t rot (or attract raccoons).

Another great way to decorate is with tabletop trinkets and decorations. Tie these in with your cushions and throws and it’s a great way to incorporate fall colors in with your outdoor area.

Some Final Thoughts

The outdoors aren’t only meant to be enjoyed in summer, so why not extend the life of your outdoor living space, to include fall, by adding some aesthetic features. With some easy-to-do changes, your outdoor space can transition through all seasons (though perhaps not in snow) and be enjoyed until the last day of good weather!

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