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We all love being outdoors during the warmer months, whether it’s swimming, picnicking, or barbecuing. It’s great getting out and doing all these activities, but creating the space within the confines of one’s property has so many benefits beyond just the convenience of having all that available in your home.

Plus, outdoor living spaces can be customized to accommodate enjoying this beautiful extension of your home all year around, even in the great Pacific Northwest. Adding fireplaces, pergola covers and outdoor kitchens make any outdoor living space comfy and convenient anytime of the year.

So, let’s take a look at why you should add an outdoor living space to your home.

The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Living Space

Increased Home Value

By extending one’s home to include an outdoor living area, the value of the property naturally increases. So if you’re thinking of selling up at some point in the future, and then either upgrading or downsizing, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Make sure to construct the outdoor living space to flow with the style and design of your home. For instance, a super rustic outdoor space won’t necessarily flow with an ultra-modern home. The experts at Buddha Builders can help you design the perfect outdoor space for any home style and design.


We all love to barbecue in the summer months. Hosting gatherings is always great when you have a properly-designed and well-laid-out area for entertaining. Having sufficient seating when you have family and friends over is very important and by creating a well-designed outdoor living area, you’ll be able to easily accommodate guests.

The amount of space you have in your backyard needs to be taken into consideration before embarking on a project. For example, if you have a small backyard, you won’t be able to design a large patio and pool. But, you could design a smaller patio to host slightly fewer people and perhaps still have room for a small garden.

Two words: outdoor cooking. If you have space and the budget, installing an outdoor kitchen can be a great extension to a simple grill. It will make preparation super convenient and really great when entertaining. You’ll never have to step away from your guests to prepare food!


There’s nothing like the ambiance a fire pit or fireplace creates. As the summer months fade into fall, entertaining around the warmth of a fire beats an evening indoors. Add the beauty of the outdoors to that and you have a winner!

It’s so easy to create ambiance outside, using the natural elements in your design. Lighting, for example, is a key factor in creating ambiance. Adding some solar ground lights along pathways or along the border of the garden creates a beautiful ambiance. Additionally, string lights hung across a patio provide soft lighting as well as create a warm ambiance.

Small finishing touches create ambiance, not the build necessarily. These include lighting, decorations, furniture, and outdoor heating. For instance, a fire pit provides more of an ambiance than an electric heater would.

Personal Use

One thing we sometimes forget when we’re taking on home projects is just how much creativity one can express through these projects. An outdoor living space is a great example of this.

When you’re in the process of designing your outdoor living area, think of what you’ll be using it for. It can be the perfect place for you to relax and read a book in, or perhaps a nice spot to eat your breakfast and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. Whatever the reason, you can get a lot of joy out of having your own outdoor living space.

Aesthetic Beauty

Think about how drab and boring a backyard can be with zero landscaping and no space to sit and relax. Now, think about how much better the space can be utilized if it were properly designed and landscaped. With proper planning and not too big of a budget, your backyard can go from drab to fab!

A patio can flow onto a luscious garden. Or, you could have a cozy courtyard with some comfy but stylish outdoor furniture. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity allows.

Additional Living Space

Who doesn’t love more space in their home? Sometimes you just need a space to relax, or a nice place to entertain family and friends. Designing an outdoor living space provides an extra living area, which is especially great for the warmer months.

There are so many things you can do – you could have a dinner table, outdoor sofas, or even a fire pit to gather around. If you really have the space, you could even have all of that and more!

The Bottom Line

Since the dawn of time, people have enjoyed being outside, sharing a meal, watching the kids play, or simply enjoying a good book and a glass of wine. Creating this for yourself in your backyard is absolutely possible, with a little creativity, budget, and guidance from an expert.

If you would like to add a luxurious outdoor living space to your home, be sure to contact Buddha Builders today for a free consultation.